A Million Thanks wants to say 'Thank You' to those people that are helping others within their communities.  This has been brought to light during this very difficult and uncertain period due to the COVID 19 outbreak, but it also applies in 'normal' times.


We want to acknowledge those that help others by giving them some treats as our way of saying 'Thank You'. This includes Key Workers in the NHS and Care sector of course, but we also want to go further and thank others - often the forgotten heroes - who are also playing their part. This includes those working or volunteering in schools, post offices, delivery companies, retail etc.  We also believe individuals who 'go the extra mile' for their neighbours or local communities should also be acknowledged.


Join our A Million Thanks Community by nominating those people you know that deserve to have some treats, you can fill out our form below. We can't promise we will be able to provide treat boxes for every single nomination but we are doing our best to reach as many people as possible.


All of the donations we make are funded by the profit made from sales of our online shop so you can also support us by simply purchasing some ingredients, gifts, baking kits, etc from our webshop if you wish.


Thank you for your continued support!

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