Fruited Scone Bake Kit (24-30 Scones!)

Creating 24-30 delicious, fruited scones with ease.  Just fill with jam and cream! Why not pair this with our Victoria Sponge & Brownie baking kits to create the perfect afternoon tea or have a bake off competition with your family? 


With this kit you will make a large large amount of scones so here's a top tip - you might want to allow enough time for two oven bakes and they freeze really well in plastic zip lock bags so you can enjoy 4 or 5 cream teas quite easily :)




Scone Mix, Sultanas, Lining Paper.


You will need:

400ml of cold water, one beaten egg for glazing the top of the scones (or a small amount of milk), a small amount of flour (any kind) for the work surface/rolling pin or keep a few pinches of the scone mix aside for this, a suitably sized round cutter, 2 baking trays, a large mixing bowl, a large knife, a rolling pin, sieve, spoon for mixing, baking brush for glazing.



Fruited Scone Bake Kit (24-30 Scones!)


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